Welcome to MTCRC


Bring your friends, bring your family, come see if YOU are the fastest in Kuwait!


(MyToyCompany Race Circuit)

We are the first RC Shop & Track  in Kuwait using the latest AMB professional timing system.

Professionally designed and run, MTCRC is equipped with the state of the art timing system accurate to 1/1000th of a second.

Detailed race result printouts are available at the end of every session so you can keep track of your progress and work on getting faster.

Can I Drive ?
Yes ! We welcome all levels of drivers and provide hands on instruction from our experts to help you understand not only how to race, but also amp up the performance of your vehicles. MyToyCo  shop is located onsite as well to provide all technical and parts support.

Hours Saturday to Thursday: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm --- 4pm to 10pm
  Location Information - Here u go!!

Track Fees:

Free for MTCRC Club members, 5 KD./Hour for non-members.


Car Rental-No wheels? No problem!  car for 5 KD./Hour from MYTOYCO.

MTCRC Club Membership:

15 Kd one Month Mebership

150 KD one year Membership 

    MTCRC Club Members receive a track license valid for 1 year, They must present this card when requested  to use the track or when registering for a competition at race control.

Membership entitles the member  to free practice at any time when the track is open (10am to 10pm).
  50% Discounts on race fees and eligibility to earn points in the club championship races (annual league).
  Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 at the end of the season. Also, racers opting for the Annual Membership will get a 10% discount on Selected Tamiya TRF Kits & Masterwork items

Race Fees :

 Each club race event (excluding special events such as B-day) will cost 5KD , this will get you a full dayís racing.

  In order to race, you will need to buy a transponder so that the timing system recognizes you, this is a fit and forget item which is unique to you and really is a worthwhile purchase.
  It can be purchased for 25KD. from MyToyCo  and is powered by your carís receiver.
No transponder = no racing!

Host your special events @  My Toy Co Race Circuit !

Birthday Parties  10 KD per racer (minimum age of 8 and to be supervised by an adequate number of parents/care givers at all times) for a 2 hour race event including lunch and special surprise driving challenges (Blindfolds involved!).Clik here for more

Corporate Team Building Events
   Contact one of our team members to get a package custom designed especially for you!

 Please understand that a substantial investment has been put into setting up this track and to sustain it for the future we need to inject funds back into the circuit, including ongoing rental charges and track maintenance costs. We need YOU to help keep this going!!!

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Dajjeej Farwaniya Ali Abdul Wahab & Sons Complex-Kuwait.